Photography: João Urbano, Pedro Espírito Santo and Manuel Arez

Conceitos de Arte is an architecture and interior design studio. We develop public and private projects like hotels, restaurants, offices and residential.

In the year of 2004 the architects João Urbano, Manuel Arez and Pedro Espírito Santo linked their professional experiences and their skills to create unique projects for each client.

The team of the studio is to create projects that are capable to adapte the needs of each client. We take special atention to every detail and the taste of the client.

We balance between theory, functionality and the beauty of the space, offering a particular solution for each client.

In the architecure field we manage every step of the project with our team and partnerships that provides security and trust for the client. We could provide the inspection of the construction.

In interior desing we have a personalized service and we are able to design and manufacture the furniture.

We create exclusive pieces of design that are concepted to the needs and tastes of each client.

Conceitos de Arte projects are unique and specific for each client style.

The client personality, life-style and needs are the most important thing for the studio. This is the bottom line for conceiving projects to João Urbano, Manuel Arez e Pedro Espírito Santo.